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Empowering Creativity & 


I am a project manager, event planner, and film aficionado in Boulder, CO.

When I discovered the power of online communities many years ago, I was hooked. To this day, my favorite work involves community and project management at the crossroads where creativity, technology, and activism meet.

I value my liberal arts background, which focused on film history, digital media, and journalism. My growing edges, where I'm currently gaining experience, are in business operations, public speaking, and writing. I am a lifelong learner–passionate, curious, reliable, organized. 

In my free time, I am often in the foothills of the mountains in the beautiful place I call home. Every year, I set a goal to see all the Oscar nominated movies and read 52 books–though I don't always make it. I cook, listen to film soundtracks, and spend a little too much time on Twitter. 


Areas of Expertise

Supporting creators

Throughout all my roles, I have focused on identifying the needs of online video creators and solutions that will empower them. I am connected with a wide range of independent entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 


My favorite work involves breaking down complex projects, creating systems, and planning for every contingency. From a conference, to a new company; a book, to a charity campaign... I value challenges with a creative vision. 

Building communitIES

For half my life, I've been part of digital communities on social media with individuals around the world. I enjoy opportunities to serve these groups by building educational resources and events to connect them.


Professional Experience


Executive director - (2016 to PResent)

The Internet Creators Guild (ICG) is a non-profit organization that represents, supports, and connects professional online creators. Launched in 2016 with Hank Green and a founding board of directors, this new membership association serves the tens of thousands of individuals who make a living creating content online. We advocate as a collective voice to platforms like YouTube, publish articles about industry standards, and facilitate discussions or focus groups.

As Executive Director, I am building on the initial vision for the ICG in order to create our mission and strategy. I manage a small team, oversee the administration of the business, and run all day-to-day operations. 

In my work at the ICG, I continue to build on the many relationships in the online video community which I've nurtured over the years in order to synthesize the needs of this diverse community. 

Guest manager - (2010 to 2016)

VidCon is the world's largest gathering of online video creators, fans, and industry professionals. It takes place in Anaheim, CA each June. It is part convention–with variety shows, signings, concerts, and an expo floor; and part conference–with panels, networking, and keynotes. From the first VidCon volunteering to the seventh year working as Guest Manager, the event grew from 1,400 to 28,000 attendees. 

As Guest Manager, I was responsible for coordinating 450 Featured Creators invited to participate in the event as speakers / performers. This involved handling invitations and registration, managing all communications with them throughout the year, booking their flights and hotel, arranging their programmed activities and schedules, developing the plans for their security, overseeing the Signing Hall, advising on parties and extras that enhanced their experiences, as well as overall ensuring they had a positive and productive experience at the event. I worked as Guest Manager full time for 3 years, and previously contracted and volunteered for the event. 

In my work at VidCon, I was proud to create a space for the online video community to gather, celebrate, and learn.

Project Manager - (2015 to 2016)

This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire is a unique crowd-sourced book of letters about love and relationships. Over 6 months, we asked Will's community a series of prompts such as "What would you say to your ex without judgement?" and "Write a thank you note to your partner." The responses are poignant, funny, and insightful - and were compiled into a book published by Penguin UK and Keywords Press.

As a Project Manager for the book, I helped sort through the nearly 15,000 submissions we received in the form of emails, tweets, Instagram photos, Tumblr posts, and physical letters. I read every entry to help narrow it down for Will to make the final selection, logging all answers and managing waivers required for participation. As a team, we developed the narrative theme of the 6 questions. 

In my work on This Modern Love, I enjoyed managing a complex project with many moving parts and helping create the tangible and beautiful final product that was published in August 2016. 

Producer - (2013 to 2015)

The Project For Awesome is an annual charity campaign created by John and Hank Green. Every year in December, they encourage the online video community to create videos about a cause they believe in or a non-profit organization they support. Meanwhile, John and Hank host a livestream telethon for 48-hours, featuring videos and welcoming guests onto the show. Additionally, they raise money with the "perk" merchandise items on an Indiegogo Campaign, and these funds are then distributed to charities chosen by the community. 

As Producer of this project, I managed the overall planning and coordination of the team for the event. This included gathering donated items from online video creators for the perks, scheduling guests for the livestream, overseeing the development of the website, running the execution of the event, and managing the follow-up work of shipping merchandise. I helped run P4A for three consecutive years, in which we raised $870,000 (2013), $1,200,000 (2014), and $1,500,000 (2015). 

In my work on P4A, I loved seeing the Nerdfighter community rally around such an important tradition, and helping to make it happen. 




University of Colorado, Boulder

Film Studies Major / Technology, Arts, & Media Minor

At CU Boulder, I received a liberal arts education in Arts & Sciences–favorite subjects included Astronomy, Linguistics, and Shakespeare.

My major degree in Film Studies focused on history and theory, studying everything from French Impressionism and gender roles in movies from the 1950s, to silent era shorts and experimental styles; from Citizen Kane to West Side Story. 

My minor degree in Technology, Arts, & Media included coding, web programming, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, and other technical skills and digital media theory topics I continue to use today. 

During College, I also worked as a film projectionist, ran social media for the Book Store, and was a Norlin Scholar.